Meet Deb Hull – Regional Team Leader

Deb has already earned a $40K Happy Days Bonus a Luxury Car Bonus and will be joining us in Cabo San Lucas in August for our first L’dara Rewards trip!  Here is her inspirational story of how the L’dara Opportunity is creating happiness in her life and the lives of others!

I have been in Relationship Marketing for the past twenty years.  It has provided me with a wonderful income while having the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, making a better income than many people that work forty plus hours outside the home. Thanks to building wonderful teams, we have earned trips all over the world each and every year! It was such a privilege to build so many wonderful lifelong friendships along the way. And, I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity of being hands on with our children. Continue reading


Meet Scott & Mindy McBrien – L’dara National Team Leaders


Scott and Mindy have already earned a $50K Happy Days Bonus, a $25K Creating Happiness Bonus and a Luxury Car Bonus! Here is their inspirational story of how the L’dara Opportunity is creating happiness in their lives and the lives of others!

I (Scott) was working as VP of Sales for the parent company of L’dara and left my corporate role to build a L’dara business. I had built a very large organization in my past and knew I could do it again. Mindy is a stay at home mom and had been a top distributor for the company where I was VP of Sales, growing her check to $40,000 per month in just 11 months. When we saw the simplicity of one amazing product with a compensation plan second to none, and a duplication training system that meets today’s busy lifestyle, we knew L’dara was for us! L’dara offered something beyond what each of us had experienced on our own because we have an opportunity to work together. Continue reading


Step Into Your Greatness!

I want everyone to be aware that what we are in the midst of here at L’dara, is not ordinary; this is not business as usual. We are seeing the very early signs of major momentum as we are just now, planting seeds of greatness around North America and Canada in order to spark tremendous growth ahead.

You are the pioneers of this company, which is going to become a billion dollar brand in the next several years. I want to encourage all of you to continue onto greatness!

Let me share an important message with you, if you want to achieve greatness in L’dara.

Here it is: “If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission”

Continue reading


Community Service Creates Happiness

Our mission is to create happiness in every life we touch with a Breakthrough Product that helps people look younger and feel more confident and an extraordinary financial opportunity wherein people can create the lifestyle of their dreams. Everything we do is grounded in our core values, our commitment to personal growth and development and giving back to our communities.

Service – Wherever we are, we focus on lifting others up and serving people in need.

During SPECTACULAR we joined forces with a local non-profit organization HandsOn Greater Phoenix.  HandsOn Greater Phoenix is a non-profit volunteer organization that partners with a wide range of community service organizations and government agencies to tackle issues like homelessness, hunger, education, animal welfare, environmental challenges, and so much more.

Thanks to all of our passionate and caring Marketing Partners who joined us! In just one hour, we created over 50 alphabet chains that will be used as educational tools for kindergarteners through 4th graders. These tools will enhance their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and will help them learn the order of the letters. Together our service will help make a difference in the lives of these children who will now have the necessary materials needed to learn.

As a team, we were able to come together, have fun and make a difference by Creating Happiness where it’s needed!

Visit our Facebook page to view the L’dara Team Creating Happiness!


Ray Faltinsky

Four-Part Strategy For Success!

I want to thank everyone who joined us at SPECTACULAR and I hope you left empowered and energized to make this a SIZZLING HOT summer!

You now have everything you need to help you make your business explode and I want to HEAR you ROAR over the next 90 days!

Remember our four-part strategy for success!

  1. TEAM:  Together – Everyone – Achieves – More

Don’t compete with each other, complete each other. We need to support and encourage each other. We can change the world if we unify as a team!

  1. Follow The System 

 Share, Party and Connect.

Share our L’dara Anti-Aging Serum, our new Custom Blitz cards, new L’dara Story Book, new  Press Highlights video along with our many other marketing tools designed specifically to help you succeed!

Party, Party, Party your way to success!

Connect Preferred Customers and Marketing Partners to the Serum, the Opportunity and the company. Share, Party and Connect! It’s simple, it’s fun and it is effective!

  1. Carpe a Diem! Seize the Day!

Take advantage of the timing we have right now!  Act with urgency!  Focus on earning a Happy Days Bonus no later than August 31st!  There is no doubt L’dara Serum will become a billion dollar brand, the only question is how much of that billion dollars will be in your group!

  1. Never, ever, ever give up!

The only way you cannot achieve your freedom, is by giving up.

Follow our 4-part strategy and we’re going create more happiness in your life and all around the world than you ever could imagine!!

I hope you could feel the intensity of this event, the emotional connection, the feeling of unity, and a feeling of “we are working together and moving in one direction.”  One Team, One Dream!

I can’t wait to see you again at our next event!

Visit to find a L’dara Event near you!


Special Event “H” Is for Happiness

Hands On Happiness has teamed up with HandsOn Greater Phoenix to make our event even more SPECTACULAR! Join us Saturday, June 7th to kick off our morning session by joining our special event called “H” Is For Happiness. Together we will be creating fun and interactive foam alphabet chains for use in classroom instruction. This will benefit young kids K-3rd grade in local schools and shelters and help develop their motor skills and familiarize them with the sequence of letters. Continue reading


20 Days Left Until SPECTACULAR!

Our events provide you a unique opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people who are inspiring, successful, motivating, and really making things happen. A place where you can build meaningful connections that will last a lifetime and experience tremendous pride and growth both personally and professionally.

5 Reasons You Should Attend SPECTACULAR! Continue reading


The L’dara Mission 

When we started this company we had a very straight forward mission of creating happiness around the world. We knew one thing: If L’dara can create happiness in the lives of others, it can leave its mark on the world and make it a better place for everyone. It starts with a Breakthrough Product that helps people look younger and feel more confident. It continues with an extraordinary financial opportunity wherein people can create the lifestyle of their dreams. And it’s all grounded in L’dara’s Core Values and an outstanding commitment to personal development and growth. We’ve never seen or heard of a company as 100% committed to creating happiness as L’dara. It’s our reason for being. That mission can only be fulfilled by practicing the seven L’dara core values on a daily basis. These core values represent what L’dara believes in and stands for. Continue reading


L’dara Is Improving Lives And The Lives Of Others

L’dara’s  mission of Creating Happiness is fueled by our practice of CANI − Constant and Never-Ending Improvement − in every aspect of our business. We provide inspirations tools and encourage everyone to pursue continued growth through personal development.

L’dara Hands On Happiness is committed to the notion that everyone deserves to experience happiness.

In life, everyone’s road to happiness is unique. That is why L’dara Hands On Happiness supports programs and encourages participation in a variety of efforts with the common goal of improving lives and creating happiness where it’s needed.

Through action – fund-raising events, donations, volunteering, and bringing awareness to worthy causes, we believe that individually and united we can help others achieve happiness.

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on lives and in our communities. We can make a difference and create a legacy of happiness.

How are you making a difference in your community? Share your story with us!

Living The Mission Of Creating Happiness

Living The Mission Of Creating Happiness

I recently watched one of the most inspiring videos I’ve seen in a long-time that brought a few tears to my eyes and I believe it is an amazing lesson for all of us here in L’dara.

This year, during high school basketball playoff season a team here in California was winning by 20 points and substituted in a player who had never scored a basket all year and had a very challenging case of autism named Bo Howell.  But as soon as he came into the game they gave him the ball and the other team, that was losing by 20 points, let Bo take several shots that he missed.  Then the losing team got the rebound and called a timeout.  The play they called was to give the ball back to Bo and guide him to the basket so he could score his first basket ever for his team.  They let him shoot 3 times until he finally scored and was mobbed by his teammates. Continue reading